frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

Coaches and leaders who identify as growth-seekers and thought leaders. Our community primarily includes health & fitness coaches, life coaches, business coaches, relationship coaches, educators, executive team leaders, business owners, and therapists.

I'm super busy, what is the time commitment?

Every week, you can expect:

  • 90 mins to 2 hours of weekly live class & coaching
  • 2 to 4 hours of weekly self-study, coursework, or practice applying the Enlifted Method with clients or peers.
  • To enjoy class and your homework. Negation acknowledged: this course will not* feel tedious, boring, or overwhelming for even the busiest of students.

The timing isn't right for me now, when does the next class start?

Enrollment opens quarterly, the waitlist for the next classes will be available once the current enrollment closes. Your spot in a future round class can be secured with prepayment, please email [email protected] with this request.

What happens if I miss a live class?

“That’s what recordings are for.” -Mark England

All live taught course material is recorded and can be reviewed on your own time. We expect that you will be able to (and want to) attend classes live for optimal results. You are allowed to miss 2 (two) live classes, any additional absences may result in disqualification from certification.

What do I do after I am certified?

Enlifted Certified Coaches have applied their learnings to expand their existing coaching practices, sell out high ticket retreats, create courses, start podcasts and YouTube channels, publish books, and facilitate training for corporate leadership teams. They have collaborated with other leaders in the community to build epic partnerships, expand their network and skillset, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded awesome people. The opportunities of what you can and will create with this skill set and within our community are endless.

I am a long time practicing coach, do I really need Enlifted?

Enlifted certified coaches who have been in the coaching game for 10, 15, 20+ years have said "this is the most valuable tool I've learned in my career" and "I wish I learned this sooner." You will be able to immediately apply and implement these skills with your clients, and you will blow their minds.

I am a brand new coach or thinking of becoming a coach, I do not have clients yet. Is Enlifted for me?

Yes- this coaching system is a rock-solid foundation to start with. We have a phrase at Enlifted- "Start, and keep going." To get started as a coach and be successful as a coach, you need formal training. You've gotta start somewhere, and we have great resources and skills to help you start here. Many of our students do. Plus, you'll connect with high level coaching pros excited to help guide you as you continue to develop your coaching tool belt.

Will Enlifted help grow my coaching business and income?

Yes. The Enlifted Method will provide you with a high level coaching skills that will set you apart and make you a more effective coach. As a result, Enlifted certified coaches increase their prices, attract more clients, and are overall more confident in their sales and marketing skills. To be crystal clear- Enlifted is not* a business coaching program, however we provide you with tons of bonus support from leading business experts in our community via online workshops, podcasts, and reference materials.

Should I upgrade to the Level 1 + Level 2 Bundle?

  • Yes if: you are the type of coach who wants to go all in to get maximum results for yourself and your clients.
  • Yes if: you want to save $999 on your tuition.
  • No if: you're only curious about our method but you're not 100% sold on it yet. You can still purchase Level 2 at a later date.

I previously completed Procabulary, is this the same thing?

Yes and no - The Enlifted Method is an expanded methodology based on the foundations of Conflict Language and Architect Language, and has evolved to go deeper on the concepts of words, stories, and breath as applied in coaching interactions. If you loved the Procabulary course and are a coach, teacher, or leader, you will be thrilled with all that Enlifted has to offer.

Can I join the Enlifted Coaches Community without earning my Enlifted Certification?

No, our online Mighty Networks community is exclusively for coaches who are currently completing their certifications and our alumni. Upon certification, you get lifetime access to our network and resources, including digital courses, on-going continuing education workshops, meetups, networking events, breathwork classes, and support from peers.

We do host free, open to the public workshops every quarter and open to the public in person events where you can get a taste of what the Enlifted Community has to offer.

How can I train my whole team in The Enlifted Method?

We do not recommend that you put your entire coaching staff through this certification unless they know what they are in for. This certification is best suited for students who are invested in the work, both personally and professionally.

Instead what we recommend is that you support your team by taking the Enlifted Coaches Essentials digital course as a group. Email [email protected] for team rates and the option to do an instructor led group course.