frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

Coaches and leaders who identify as growth-seekers and thought leaders. Our community primarily includes health & fitness coaches, life coaches, business coaches, relationship coaches, educators, executive team leaders, business owners, and therapists.

How long is the certification process & what is the expected time commitment?

The Level 1 Certification consists of 10 weeks of LIVE group calls lead by Head Coach Mark England, one 1:1 call with Mark England, and up to 10 hours of self-study.

What is the investment for Level 1 Certification?

One time payment of $3,299 or three monthly payments of $1,170.

What else do I get access to?

Free access to our two signature 21 day courses- Core Language Upgrade and The Way of the Enlifted Athlete. Access to the private Enlifted Mighty Networks Community to connect with other certified coaches. Monthly breathwork classes with Wim Hof-Certified Instructor Brandon Powell. Monthly featured presentations in business, marketing, sales, and classes lead by World Class Enlifted Certified Coaches.

How do I access The Way of the Enlifted Athlete online course?

If you purchased The Way of the Enlifted Athlete online course, you can access it here.

What do I do after I am certified?

Enlifted Certified Coaches have applied their learnings to expand their existing coaching practices, sell out high ticket retreats, create courses, start podcasts and YouTube channels, publish books, and facilitate training for corporate leadership teams. They have collaborated with other leaders in the community to build epic partnerships, expand their network and skillset, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded awesome people. The opportunities of what you can and will create with this skillset and within our community are endless.