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    Level 2 Certified

    "Enlifted taught me how to facilitate high value, fully booked workshops with confidence. I earned $4,500 with my first group.”
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    Level 2 Certified

    “I've spent $20,000 on coaching certifications, Enlifted gave me the highest return on my investment and the most tangible tools to help my clients.”

    Joel Cochran | Life Coach & Public Speaker
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    Discover the coaching tool that can transform even your toughest clients

    More Income, More Confidence,
    More Credibility, More Clients

    Master the Enlifted Method to unlock patterns and stories that keep your clients stuck in the Victim Mentality and unable to get results. Be the guide who moves your clients from disempowered and trapped to clear and confident.
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    John Wolf

    Chief Fitness Officer, ONNIT

    Our entire ONNIT team of coaches participated in the Enlifted training and loved it. I’ve known Mark England and Enlifted since 2017. Their message is both necessary and groundbreaking: become aware of and craft the way you use your language to build a better mindset that works for you. One that keeps you clear, focused and empowered.

    Learn the Essentials
    A grounded, proven system with a touch of practical magic.

    With my words i create
    With my words i influence

    Words create reality. Create a better reality for your clients by supporting them in mastering their language.
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    practical mindset tools to unlock freedom and confidence


    Words are the building blocks of mindset. Uncover what's actually holding your client back.

    Apply the Enlifted Method to identify and remove deadly words & phrases that fuel your client’s unconscious Victim Mindset.


    Your clients are stuck in old patterns and talking themselves in circles.

    Get your client's wants and don't wants down on paper. Expertly edit their words to write new goals and outcomes. Construct new beliefs by telling better stories.


    Unlock your client's breath and create a more effective coaching environment.

    Master breathing mechanics to use with your clients. Diffuse tension and open space for change.

    Your client’s story is holding them YOU back.

    Break the stories that are holding YOU back from reaching your full potential as a coach.

    In your Enlifted Level 1 Certification YOU will be challenged to go through the same system that you'll practice with your clients.

    Unlock YOUR freedom and confidence with the Enlifted Method.

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    You can't change your client's mind.
    You can change your client's words.

    Enlifted Certified Coaches learn to identify and translate three primary components of Conflict Language. The unconscious use of these words and phrases trap your clients in
    The Victim Mindset.


    Your client’s words and thoughts are focused on what they don*t want and what they are trying to avoid. Learn to facilitate powerful translations of your client’s words and focus their attention on what they do want.

    Soft Talk

    Your clients might* be unsure of themselves or second guessing their progress. Support them in creating solid action steps and self assured statements. Instill your clients with lasting confidence.


    Your clients blame their lack of progress on you/friends/work/life and fail to see that their excuses are the problem. Guide them with world-shifting reflections and lead them to self responsibility.
    Your clients get:
    • better results
    • more energy
    • more support
    • more confidence
    • more freedom

    When you become an Enlifted Certified Coach

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    you get:
    • more clients
    • more income
    • more credibility
    • more confidence
    • more freedom

    Aaron Hinde

    Co-Founder + President, LIFEAID Beverage

    I’ve been supporting elite athletes for a long time now. And you know what the difference is between being on the podium and looking at people on the podium? Mindset. And you need to understand language if you want to unlock mindset. It’s a must. Studying Enlifted will give you all the tools you’ll need to crush your training, stay focused and become an elite athlete.”

    Learn the Essentials

    Welcome to the Enlifted Coaches Community


    join our global community of elite coaches

    Instantly plug-in to a network of 250+ Certified Enlifted graduates via our private Mighty Networks community.

    Get ongoing support in your coaching practice through partnerships, collaborators, and friends.

    Enlifted graduates span professions including health & fitness coaches, wellness, clinicians, therapists, education, leadership, business, real estate, professional sales, podcasting, public speakers, content creators, and many more.

    Meet Enlifted Coaches from around the world online or via in person events, workshops, and festivals hosted by the Enlifted Team.


    • Live Coaching Q&A’s with head coach Mark England
    • On-Demand Enlifted Video Library (100+ Hours of Content)
    • Live Continuing Education Workshops hosted by expert guest speakers
    • Monthly Breathwork Classes with Brandon Powell - Enlifted Breath Coach
    • Networking Sessions hosted by Jenny Patton - Enlifted Community Manager
    • PLUS tons of resources to grow your coaching business.

    Level 1 Certification

    • 9x weeks of LIVE 90 Minute Classes led by Enlifted Head Coach Mark England
    • 1x Personal 90 Minute Coaching Session with Mark England
    • 10 hours of Self Study
    • Membership to our Enlifted Coaches Private Mighty Networks Community
    • Master the foundations of the Enlifted Method
    • Includes access to Core Language Upgrade and The Way of the Enlifted Athlete courses ($448 value)

    Certification requirements: Completion of all course content and demonstration of skill in peer to peer coaching evaluation.


    Mark England
    Co-Founder | Head Coach

    Mark England is a TEDx Speaker and Co-founder and Head Coach of Enlifted. He has been researching, coaching and presenting on the power of language and identity for the past 15 years. Mark was an Elementary School P.E. teacher before getting into personal development and has a Masters Degree in education.

    Fall Class Enrollment Closes:


    95% booked


    Next Chance to Enroll:
    November 2022

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    • Group 27: Starts on August 1, Monday’s at 3-4:30pm EST for 9 weeks
      (SOLD OUT!)
    • Group 28: Starts on August 9, Tuesday’s at 12-1:30pm EST for 9 weeks
    • Group 29: Starts on August 17, Wednesday’s at 6-7:30pm EST for 9 weeks
      (SOLD OUT!)


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    Single Payment Enrollment - SAVE $1,599!

    Level 2 Certification

    • 10x weeks of LIVE 90 Minute Classes lead by Enlifted Head Coach Mark England
    • 1x Personal 60 Minute Coaching Session with Mark England
    • 10 hours of thought-provoking self-study
    • Become a Pro at using The Enlifted Method in Workshops, Group Coaching Programs, Podcasting & Public Speaking, Celebrating Client Wins, and Enlifted Goal Achieving

    Certification requirements: Completion of all course content, submission of video presentation, and demonstration of skill in peer to peer coaching evaluation.


    Mark England
    Co-Founder | Head Coach

    Mark England is a TEDx Speaker and Co-founder and Head Coach of Enlifted. He has been researching, coaching and presenting on the power of language and identity for the past 15 years. Mark was an Elementary School P.E. teacher before getting into personal development and has a Masters Degree in education.

    Enrolling NOW

    60% Booked

    Certification Starts:

    November 7, 2022
    Time: 6PM EST

    Single Payment Enrollment


    Special L1+L2 Bundle Price
    (SAVE $1599)

    Level 3 Certification

    • 6 Months high-touch mentorship with Enlifted Head Coach Mark England
    • Multiple 1:1 calls with Mark England and Enlifted Team
    • Reach Elite Levels of Enlifted Method Mastery
    • Sales and Presentation Training from the Enlifted Team

    Application requirements: Completion of L1/L2 Certifications, facilitation of 50 hours+ of Enlifted Method in your coaching practice.


    Mark England
    Co-Founder | Head Coach

    Mark England is a TEDx Speaker and Co-founder and Head Coach of Enlifted. He has been researching, coaching and presenting on the power of language and identity for the past 15 years. Mark was an Elementary School P.E. teacher before getting into personal development and has a Masters Degree in education.

    Start date

    25% booked

    Certification Starts:

    GROUP 3
    Q2-Q3, 2023
    by Application Only

    Master the Enlifted Method

    limited enrollment

    Join Enlifted Head Coach Mark England for a limited engagement 16 Week certification program that will solidify your mastery of the Enlifted Method and help you build your coaching business.


    Men’s Health & Fitness Coach

    “Enlifted has provided the tools to effect true change.

    Instead of trying to force habits or lifestyles, my clients now have their own personal identity shifts which create massive ease of implementation.

    Many well-meaning coaches start with habits. I know I did before I found this system. Habits may be the ground floor, but the identity we create with our stories and language is the foundation that must first be laid for any masterpiece to become permanent.”

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    Pain Liberation Coach

    “Enlifted has elevated my ability to communicate, to shift my mindset quickly, and get myself "unstuck" when life throws obstacles my way.

    After suffering nerve damage to my right arm at birth, I grew up with many limiting beliefs and stories about my body's capability to heal. It was essential to clear those out in order to finally experience relief!

    Now, as a pain relief specialist helping others with chronic pain, using those skills I've learned with my clients has been a game changer! Pain and trauma live in our body, guiding clients on how to free up your fascia tissue and how to create the perfect mental environment for recovery is a powerful combination.”

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    Men’s Personal Coach

    “The impact that we have had with each man who joins our program has been drastically improved since implementing the Enlifted story work method.

    You simply cannot move forward in any AREA of your life until your beliefs are no longer limiting you. That is what the Enlifted certification provides; a proven system that is scalable and delivers.

    I firmly believe that Alpha Hippie, my coaching abilities, and most importantly who I am as a man would not be as successful as it is without Enlifted.”

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    Fitness Coach

    "Joining the Enlifted Community evolved the way I communicate and has helped me develop deeper connections in personal and professional relationships.

    Knowing the value I bring through my coaching allows for greater clarity and drive to keep moving forward.”

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    Nutrition Coach & Business Coach

    “My executive team members and I have gone through Enlifted levels 1 & 2, my entire staff is Enlifted certified!

    This has given us the skills to be able to help clients translate stories that keep them stuck - like money stories, lack of self worth, and imposter syndrome.

    Because of the skills we gained through Enlifted we have had clients say "This is so much more than business coaching, my whole life has transformed!"

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    Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

    “I'd been coaching hundreds of clients throughout the years in health and fitness and never had I come across the kinds of things I learned in Enlifted in any other certification before.

    I was astounded by the power resolving our trauma around our personal stories could bring. Not only that, but how easy we can make this process. This is powerful work and I'm so happy I did it.”

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      Learn the
      Enlifted Essentials

      Join Enlifted head coach Mark England and podcast host Kimberly Kesting as they discuss the core components of the Enlifted Method in a series of bite-sized episodes that will change how you think about coaching forever.