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Discover the Tools that help coaches Crush the Imposter Syndrome, Make a Big Impact AND More Money


Take the first step on your journey to becoming a confident, successful coach with Enlifted’s Essential Digital Course.

  • Achieve consistent mindset shifts with your clients
  • Maximize Referrals and Repeat Business
  • Separate Yourself from your Competition

The Nasty Voice In Your Head Wants You To Fail:
Will You Let it Win?
Have any of these questions ever kept you awake at night?
  • Why am I afraid to ask for the sale?
  • Why do I hesitate to tell people what I do and how much it costs?
  • Why am I so paranoid about not actually being able to help my clients?
  • Why do I think no one will ever want to work with me?
  • Why am I always comparing myself to other coaches?
  • Why would I rather scroll through influencers content that build my own brand and bank account?
  • Why do I have some weird irrational fear of being seen?
  • Why am I resistant to posting my content on social media?
  • Why am I scared to go on podcasts?

The Imposter Syndrome gets you to start doubting yourself.
The Imposter Syndrome forces you to compare yourself to all the best coaches out there.

The Imposter Syndrome will get you to make excuses, procrastinate, second guess yourself, and flinch when it’s time to onboard new clients. 

The Imposter Syndrome will throw every single trick in the book at you with the sole mission of you concluding you are a fraud and throwing in the towel.


time to even the odds

What if there was a Method that turned the volume down on the internal trash talk, gave you the understanding that you can deliver value for your clients, helped get you on podcasts, gave you the confidence to post with quality and consistency on social media, sell coaching packages, and build a successful career in coaching?



Pro Coaches MUST Make an Impact and Make Money

What separates successful, Pro Coaches is their ability to facilitate true transformation - to consistently break through what has kept their client from achieving their goals in the past. MOST CRUCIALLY - Pro Coaches have a proven, repeatable system that gets to the core of their client’s problems quickly and help them CRUSH those limiting beliefs and distorted self images for good. That is exaclty what Enlifted essentials will teach you how to do.

Pro Coaches also know that in order to keep making MASSIVE Impact, they MUST make more MONEY. That means clearing out their own Imposter Syndrome-fueled money stories and valuing themselves for what they are worth.
Bigger Impact means More Money.
More Money means Bigger Impact for the long haul.
It’s what separates the Pro Coach from the amateurs.


How it works

Step ONE
buy the course
Your first step is to buy Enlifted Coaches Essentials. You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the foundations of the Enlifted Method. That means that you can re-take and reference as the content often as you’d life - you’ll get access to FREE future supplemental material and course updates even after you’ve completed.

Step two
experience the course
Every Enlifted Certified Coach Starts HERE. Enlifted Coaches Essentials is your first towards becoming an elite, thriving coaching machine.

This course will transform the way you see yourself and your business:
  • Easy to learn tools to reduce the negative, shit-talking voice in your own head also known as The Imposter Syndrome
  • Identify and Eliminate the destructive effects of The Victim Mentality (the Imposter Syndrome’s Partner in Crime)
  • Understand the MONUMENTAL difference between Imposter Syndrome and Beginner Syndrome
  • Learn how small words can make massive impact - both good and bad
  • Learn how a combination of small words repeated over and over create stories that hold you (and your clients) back
  • Why your breathing is just as important as what you say to your clients
  • How to translate these old words and stories into magical spells that will change how you see anything
  • The fundamentals of how to use these tools on yourself and with your clients

Once you complete this course, you’ll never see coaching the same way again
What's Included
Enlifted Coaches Essentials is self-paced, fun, and easy to digest. The course is also JAM PACKED with simple, yet VERY DEEP concepts that you’ll want to reflect on.
That’s why we’ve included PDF worksheets that include thought exercises with every video lesson. You’ll also receive access to upcoming evergreen workshops and interviews with top Enlifted Coaches that will show you how to implement these new tools into your practice on day one.
By the end of Enlifted Coaches Essentials you’ll be buzzing with new ideas and excitement about implementing your new toolset right away. Course instructor and Enlifted Head Coach Mark England will prepare you to with next steps to practice on yourself and then with your clients.

Step three
standing up to the imposter syndrome, on my path to pro coach


Joel Cochran

Sport Coach

“I have spent $20k on coaching programs and certifications, Enlifted has given me the highest return on my investment and the most tangible tools to help my clients.”

Life Coach and Public Speaker

Enlifted Coaches Essentials Makes Other Business Mindset Tools Obsolete

Wanna get into the real reasons why you AND your clients can’t overcome their problems?

There are plenty of systems that can teach you and your clients how to have a “positive attitude” or a “growth mindset.”

Most of these programs only scratch the surface or leave their clients living in denial. Think “fake it til you make it”.

Wanna dive really deep into the real reasons why your clients can’t overcome their problems?

That’s why we created the Enlifted Method.

You can learn a logical, repeatable system to identify and build up a winning mindset, crush the Imposter Syndrome, and build the coaching business that makes the impact and money you deserve.


Joel Cochran

Sport Coach

“I have spent $20k on coaching programs and certifications, Enlifted has given me the highest return on my investment and the most tangible tools to help my clients.”

Life Coach and Public Speaker

It’s Time to Decide.

Will you Crush the Imposter Syndrome or Get Crushed by Your Imposter Syndrome? Will your clients experience the impact you can make on their lives? Will your business grow and thrive?

A lack of solid coaching skills fuels the Imposter Syndrome.
Unresolved personal stories and negative beliefs fuels the Imposter Syndrome.
Lack of confidence fuels the Imposter Syndrome.

You have the ability to make massive impact on your clients’ lives. You have the ability to build and grow a thriving coaching business doing what you love. It’s time to decide: Pro Coach or Imposter on the path to “being a fraud”. It’s up to you.