Got your attention, coach?
There is oh so much more...

Implement the material that you've learned in this preview and your coaching practice will be supercharged immediately. You'll be seen as more valuable, more effective, and more confident in your abilities.

And when you're ready for more, the complete Enlifted Coaches Essentials course features:

  • Comprehensive Guide to the Enlifted Method Language System
  • Detailed lessons on the 8 Language Components and How to integrate them
  • How to deal with stories of Overwhelm
  • How to deal with the many flavors of "I'm Not Good Enough"
  • How your breath affects your mindset AND how your breath affects your client's mindset
  • A comprehensive guide to our 4 Step Enlifted Method process
  • And much, much more...

The complete Enlifted Coaches Essentials course will launch in Q4 2022 and we'll notify you the moment it launches at the email you provided us.

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